The Mediterranean is the horizon of boats and sailors past, seeing the earth through their eyes. A vestal and unknown land that even today can be found in unexpected places, behind hotels and street corners, if one knows where to look.

The Mediterranean are ancient waters surrounded by land, a stretch of salt water, trapped millions of years ago between collapsed mountains.

The Mediterranean is a sea with many names: The Great Green of the Egyptians, The Inland Sea, the Great Sea for the Jews of Antiquity, The Mare Nostrum of the Romans and Our Sea.

For thousands of years this sea was vacant of men who were afraid to leave the coast, only daring to jump from port to port. The Phoenicians were the first to embark on great voyages, becoming navigators, they learned sea currents and used the polar star as a guide on clear nights.

They left the port of Byblos, today Lebanon, their boats loaded with oil and spices in search of new territories. They found them, occupied them, and became one of the most important empires of the Old Age. Thus established sea routes that sailed princes, merchants, pirates and adventurers. These essential routes created connections between people and place.

Everything began in the Mediterranean

And for centuries everything revolved around it. This was where calculus and writing began and where the Phoenicians organised trade. The Greeks laid the foundations of contemporary science and developed history, philosophy, theatre and democracy. The Romans drew roads, excavated harbours and built bridges until they managed to occupy all shores of the sea and create a community for the first and only time.

The Mediterranean is a journey and a pilgrimage of the soul. It is a discovery, a daydream. Calm and fierce, transparent and opaque, it is a reflection of the soul who observes it. The Mediterranean is a place to begin again.

The Mediterranean is our grandparents and everything the ancestors of our grandparents knew about the land. The Mediterranean is a sea of ​​vineyards, olive, almond and orange trees. Its life is unified with the earth that observes it.

The Mediterranean is where the East and West, North and South unite

Its waters bath three continents and a history of exchanges between cultures and many different worlds that have made us who we are today: emigrants, mestizos, that of which we often forget. Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, Taormina, Delphi, Beirut, Marseille, Ragusa, we are part of a rich and diverse cultural community: 22 countries, more than 20 languages, almost 500 million people with a shared inner landscape.

We have grown alongside the sea that unites us. The sea that manages to slip through the imaginary barriers that we have created, to bathe the feet of a woman in Alexandria, on a beach in Palermo, or in the port of Heraklion.

The Mediterranean surpasses being a piece of land.It is a strong, energetic character, who plays an important role in our history. People are captivated by the love and soul that the Mediterranean offers. Enchanting both visitors and natives it soon becomes an inherent part of you.

The Mediterranean is our youth and leisure. Millions of people choose the Mediterranean to unwind, relax and breath with the sound of the waves. We enjoy the beauty and serenity of a sea we call our own.

The Mediterranean is an intrinsic part of us, maybe because we all come from the water or because we are all Mediterranean. It is here is where we all began and learned to merge as one.