Our story

Alamar sunset in Mallorca Mediterranean lifestyle

They say that the islanders always return to our island, that sooner or later we return to the place where we were born, as if there was an invisible cord that would bind us to our land and our sea. Maybe there is truth in that, here we are, back in Mallorca.

After almost two decades we have decided to put on the breaks and change our lifes for Alamar, with the intention of living more slowly in a world that we believe is going too fast. Since then, we have walked at different pace, we value calmness and simplicity above almost everything and we have made our work and our brand a way of life.

Paris, London, Bologna, Oxford, Salamanca, Edinburgh, Barcelona are beautiful cities, full of inspiration in which we have lived and helped us to be who we are today. Alamar is the result of our stories combined, the joint work of two women with a common goal: to create a brand around the mediterranean culture and its lifestyle.