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      Ningbo Jinhai ChenguangChemical Corporation.
      Service Tel:+86-574-8765 3737
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      Notice of changes in the company

      作者:寧波金海晨光化學股份有限公司 日期:2016-01-27 08:16:02 點擊數:


          Asa result of the development of the Company, from December 8, 2014, as approvedby the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau accordingto the relevant provisions of the Company Law, the Company has been officiallychanged its name to the following:

          TheOriginal Name is Ningbo Jinhai Deqi Chemical & Industry Co., Ltd.

          Currentname: Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Corporation

          English name: Ningbo Jinhai ChenguangChemical Corporation

          Atpresent, the changes of ? business license ?, ? organizationcode certificate ?, ? tax registration certificate ?, ? account permits ? andother certificates have been over.

          Afterthe change of company name, the legal representative is unchanged and the mainbody of business and the legal relationship are unchanged. The originally signedcontract is still valid and the original business relationship and servicecommitment remain unchanged. Since December 8, 2014, the company’s internal andexternal documents, information, invoicing, account number, tax number, etc.will all use the new company name.

          Apologies to all the units for  the inconvenience caused by the name changes.

          Notice !

      Basiccompany information

          Corporate name: Ningbo JinhaiChenguang Chemical Corporation

          Englishname: Ningbo Jinhai Chenguang Chemical Corporation

          No.3555 Yuejintang Road, Ningbo Petrochemical Economic 

      and Technological Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, China


          Tel No: 0574-86365561

          Fax No: 0574-86369000

          Registered capital: 35000RMB


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